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Looking for an efficient way to record your trades? This spreadsheet is for you! 


The first sheet is used to enter the trades you have made in the past.

You write down here:

  • Date

  • Day of the week

  • Month

  • Time

  • Instrument

  • Position direction

  • You can also insert a link to a chart from Tradingview to easily refer back to the situation.

  • The last column is for notes.

  • Profit/Loss

  • Entry price

  • Exit price

  • Risk reward ratio

  • Profit

  • Loss

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The second sheet is fully automated. It displays statistics about your trading. 

The first rectangle shows the EQUITY LINE of your trading account. Here it is important to fill in the INITIAL CAPITAL correctly in order to display your account's equity line correctly.

The second rectangle shows:

In the left part is the total profit factor on your account.

On the right side is:

  • Total profit

  • Total loss

  • Cumulative result

The rectangle below shows: 

  • Average profit

  • Average loss

  • Largest profit

  • Largest loss

  • Profit / Loss ratio. 


The Profit / Loss by month chart shows the results of each month.


The Profit / Loss by week day chart shows the results of each day.


The Long / Short chart shows the ratio of long and short positions that you have traded.


The Long - Profit / Loss chart shows the profit and loss of long positions in percentage


The Short - Profit / Loss chart shows the profit and loss of short positions in percentage


The Profit / Loss chart shows the profit and loss ratio in percentage

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On the last sheet you will find a calculator for Forex, Indexes and commodity.


You enter here which pair you are trading.


The price of one pip is automatically filled in.


You enter your stoploss in pips and the maximum loss you are able to accept.


The calculator will automatically calculate what position size you should enter with.

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