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ICT Liquidity Indicator

Our favourite indicator serving as a best tool to recognize and draw liquidity lines on the chart.

It also deletes them when liquidity is grabbed.

Not only that, you can set this ICT liquidity indicator to send you alert, when liquidity from specific session is grabbed.

We all know London Killzone, right?

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Number of liquidity lines 

The number of liquidity lines limits the number of current liquidity lines drawn. For loading speed, we recommend setting a value of 100 or less. If you want to analyze

long-term potential market development, you can set

a maximum value of 500.

Pivot mode 

When you set Fixed on pivots mode, it allows you to display the liquidity of the current time frame in the fixed setting. If you want to see the liquidity of a higher time frame on

a lower time frame, switch to timeframe mode. On a higher time frame (for example 1 hour) set the PVH/PVL value

as needed - our setting is for H1 is 2. For all lower time frames, then only the liquidity from the hourly time frame will be displayed.


PVH/PVL is an expression of the number of candles on the left and right that have a lower high (for the formation of

a pivot high) or a higher low (for the formation of

a pivot low). This essentially gives us the sensitivity of the liquidity plot and affects the number of lines displayed on the chart.

Draw and use liquidity

If draw and use liquidity is checked, this liquidity from the given session will be displayed and used for other purposes of the indicator - for example alerts.

Display session background

The display session background function serves as a visual check for the session settings. Make sure you have the time set correctly according to your time zone.


Everyone is used to their own color scheme, which is why you can set the liquidity colors of the lines to your liking in our indicator. And that for both buyside liquidity and sellside liquidity.

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