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BOS Trader Indicator

This indicator is a boss of our indicators. It is very robust but simple to use.

It works with price action, volatility, candlestick patterns and structure.

It integrates them all to a mix of our proven know-how.

We used genetic algorithms to find best settings of all the important variables.

But you, as a user, are able to personalize the settings according to your preferences.

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Type of entry area 

Type of entry area is the setting of the area in which the indicator searches for signals for entry.

You can either work with Area of ​​interest or with FVG. Every smart money concepts trader has his own strategy that suits his needs.

Our indicator will not limit you in anything.

Bars after liquidity grab  

Bars after liquidity grab expresses the number of candles that have passed since the moment when the liquidity was grabbed (or the crossing of the

liquidity line). You need to adjust this setting to your trading time frame - if you are on a minute time frame, with the default setting of 50 it looks for entry signals within an hour of the liquidity selection, if you are working with a five minute chart, the number should be 5 times lower.

Number of L/R bars for BOS

In order to find structure breaks, we need to define the key points of the structure. For this framework of this indicator, we use a pivot high and low - that is,

the highest candle out of a certain number of candles

(or, conversely, the lowest). In the basic setting,

we use the most sensitive possible structure with

a setting of 1. The structure is therefore created by candles that have a lower/higher neighbor to the left and to the right.

Type of structure break 

Within the framework of boss trader, we distinguish

3 basic types of breaking the structure. The default setting means that we are looking for a candle that has broken the structure, just only with its wick. Another setting is close. In this case, we want the structure to be broken and the candle to close above/below the key point of the structure.

The overbar setting then requires the entire candle above/below the key point of the structure.


Again, you can completely customize the indicator to your visual preferences.

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Pivot mode 

As a boss trader works with liquidity grabs, it is also necessary to define liquidity. For detailed information on liquidity settings, it is best to watch the YouTube video. There are 2 modes - fixed mode displays line liquidity for the current time frame - liquidity line is made up of pivot highs or lows (candles that are the highest or lowest of several candles). The actual number of adjacent lower or higher candles is defined below (PVH/PVL). Timeframe mode displays liquidity from higher time frames on lower time frames.


PVH/PVL is an expression of the number of candles on the left and right that have a lower high (for the formation of a pivot high) or a higher low (for the formation of a pivot low). This essentially gives us the sensitivity of the liquidity plot and affects the number of lines displayed on the chart.

AOI Type 

When grabbing liquidity, we expect a quick response, which we try to trade. This is what FAST mode is for. There is also an Extended mode that will extend the AOI until it is traded (the market will get

below/above it).

Fast AOI duration 

The number of candles during which the AOI is displayed and valid and can generate trading signals.

AOI multiplier

A simple AOI size multiplier that is used to expand the AOI for higher time frames.

The default setting is 1.5.

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Trading session

Trading session settings allow you to set the time during which signals are displayed and alerts are sent. In the bos trader indicator, you can set everything to suit your time options and trading style (and it won't wake you up while you sleep).

Draw session background

Since we are all in different time zones, it is a good idea to visually check the trading session settings by plotting the set trading session time.

Plot entry signals 

We know that some traders use BOS trader only to send alerts. It is therefore optional to plot entry signals, as you can use your own and not those built into boss trader.

Max bars since FVG hit 

If you enter with FVG, you can set the time after hitting the gap for which the signals will be valid. If more candles than set pass, the signals will not be plotted.

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Number of liquidity lines 

The number of liquidity lines limits the number of current liquidity lines drawn. For loading speed, we recommend setting a value of 100 or less. If you want to analyze long-term potential market development, you can set a maximum value of 500.

Number of high FVG/AOI 

The number of FVGs/AOIs affects the number of rendered FVGs/AOIs in the chart. Setting values ​​lower than 100 will speed up the calculation of the indicator. The maximum setting is 500. We set the value for high and low individually within boss trader.

Number of low FVG/AOI 

It's the same as high.

Long style 

To make using bos trader as pleasant as possible, you can also set the way the input 

signals are displayed. We personally recommend choosing the label style, the color setting then depends purely on your needs.

Short style

It's the same as long.

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Draw and use liquidity 

Even within bos trader, you can adjust the liquidity according to the session in which it was created. You can thus set grab of  Asian session liquidity in the London killzone. In short, Bos Trader offers unlimited options for customizing your strategy and trading style.

Display session background

To visually check the correctness of the trading session settings, you can turn on background rendering here.

Color & width 

You can also set the method of drawing liquidity lines according to your needs. If you want to draw only AOI/FVG, you can set the transparency of the liquidity lines to the maximum - that way you will have a beautifully clean chart without distractions.

Send alerts

You can limit the sending of alerts according to the trading sessions themselves. This way, you can easily achieve a setting where you work with the liquidity grab from all trading sessions, but you will receive alerts only in the New York session.

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