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Algorithmic trading
Tradingview indicators & strategies
ICT trading concept
Smart Money Concept

We are developing portfolios of algorithmic strategies for Futures, Stocks and Forex.

We trade our own discrtionary strategies based on Smart Money Concepts and

ICT concepts. We share our indicators and strategies with our students on Discord. Building community of Focused Traders.


Tradingview Indicators


ICT Liquidity Indicator

Our favourite indicator serving as a best tool to recognize and draw liquidity lines on the chart. It also deletes them when liquidity is grabbed. Not only that, you can set this ICT Liquidity Indicator to send you alert, when liquidity from specific session is grabbed. We all know London Killzone, right?

Snímek obrazovky 2022-10-13 174337.png

ICT FVG Indicator

Either when you are Market Profile trader or ICT trading concepts trader, you are familiar with fair value gaps. What about using them on Tradingview to enhance your analysis or live trading? We made one of the best FVG indicators on Tradingview.

Snímek obrazovky 2022-10-13 180632.png

BOS Trader Indicator

This indicator is a boss of our indicators. It is very robust but simple to use. It works with price action, volatility, candlestick patterns and structure. It integrates them all to a mix of our proven know-how. We used genetic algorithms to find best settings of all the important variables. But you, as a user, are able to personalize the settings according to your preferences.

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